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Davis & Jones

were appointed as public engagement artist for the Junction 3 development in October 2009. During the coming 18 months they will be working with local people and groups in Easton and surrounding neighbourhoods on a series of projects.

Davis & Jones is the collaborative partnership of Eleanor Wynne Davis and Deborah Aguirre Jones. For more information visit Davis & Jones.

Coming from a background of environmental community development, Eleanor has in recent years become a professional musician and arts worker. Deborah trained as a sculptor many years ago and have become increasingly involved with participatory and socially engaged arts practice.  Together Davis & Jones have a compatible and diverse practice. Drawing on their range of interests around public involvement and connection to place, they use their various skills to make art.

Deborah Aguirre Jones is currently calling herself a Landscape Performer. She mostly makes art which explores relationships to place; the connections that we inherit, invent, or simply yearn for.
With any given site, Deborah engages with the people that live, work or play there – and their cultures.  Through a variety of media (from performance and photography through to fire sculpture and tea trays…) she strikes up conversations which can lead on to longer projects.
Deborah creates unusual encounters that are easy, respectful and light, interspersing them (where appropriate) with provocations or humour.  These trigger conversations full of the stories, meanings, daydreams and fears bound up with the location we’re in.  Sometimes they shift our points of view.

For more information visit here.

Eleanor Wynne Davis is a musician who works with ideas and interventions. Eleanor is interested in the power of actions.
She engages in conversation with places and people. Her interest in how the hidden affects the seen makes her look for ways of bringing these connections into the open. Eleanor seeks to create situations of safety in which people can engage with new or unfamiliar ideas.

Eleanor has played violin to gorillas, set up walk-in cages as gallery installation, made films of pipes, re-landscaped school play grounds, got people out walking, writing books, making speeches, worked with young kids, excluded from school kids, old folks, teenage mums and dads, the council, schools, the police, other artists and musicians.

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