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Projects so far…

Make a Builder Happy This Winter: Friday 18 February 2011 1 pm

Over the Winter, knitters from Easton and surrounding neighbourhoods made hats for people working at Junction 3. They came to visit the site and presented their hats to the builders.

25 hats were distributed, to cheering and applause. Many of the hats were made by people from Malcolm X Elders, Easton Thali Knitting Group, Barton Hill Wellspring Knitting Group and other keen knitters.

The Green Triangle: Friday 4 February 2011 at 1pm

Written and performed by the SPAN Junction 3 Group, The Green Triangle is a collection of short stories and performances inspired by Junction 3.

In pouring rain a hardy audience of residents, family and friends, library staff and the great and good of the Junction 3 development watched a great and surprising debut performance, which culminated in all singing ‘ If I had a hammer’.

Tented City a 1 day, dawn ’til dusk installation Thursday 8 April 2010.

The installation was the launch event of artists Davis & Jones‘ public engagement programme at Junction 3 in Easton, Bristol.

Easton Tours: December 09 – Jan 10

To kick start the Junction 3 Public Engagement Programme, during December 2009 and January 2010, Davis & Jones invited people to take them on an Easton Tour – a short journey to a place that you particularly like.

Davis & Jones have walked and talked with approximately 25 individuals and groups. The conversations have been interesting and illuminating. They have created a multilayered map of Easton and the people living there including the good bits and the challenging bits and the continually changing social and geographical landscape of the area.

These conversations and walks have informed the artworks proposed by Davis & Jones.

Davis & Jones hope to continue  Easton Tours throughout the project build. If you would like to take part please contact

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